Is The Order A Rabbit? Merchandise

Is The Order A Rabbit?
Kokoa Hoto just moved to town to start a new life at a new school. While looking for the boarding house where she is supposed to live and work, she stumbles across a cafe called Rabbit House. She's excited, imagining it's filled to the brim with rabbits that she can cuddle. Instead she finds out that it is a very ordinary coffee house with only one rabbit named Tippy, who doesn't even always act or sound like a rabbit should, and a quiet girl named Chino Kafuu. Kokoa learns that Rabbit House is actually the boarding house she was looking for. She is to be their new waitress. Now Kokoa must balance school and work life while also learning all about things like customer service, coffee art and much more from her new friends. As Chino's father says, things are going to get very lively in Rabbit House!